1p Bingo Games

Spending a penny doesn’t just mean the obvious! If you are visiting an online bingo site, you might spot some penny bingo to play. We are about to find out everything you need to know before diving in.

What are penny bingo games?

The true definition of such a game is one where each ticket costs you a penny. However, the industry generally refers to all bingo games with ticket prices capped at 10p (or less) as penny bingo games. That means you could play games with prices higher than a penny and they’d still qualify for that definition.

How are they different from bingo games you can play free or with no deposit?

Just as there are similarities, there are a few differences between these and other bingo games. Here are some examples:

  • You can usually find penny bingo games to play at several sites
  • It’s more common to find 1p bingo games than free bingo games
  • Prizes are in real cash, unlike when you play with a no deposit bonus, where you need to abide by terms and conditions
  • Free games may only be available for a limited time for new members, whereas everyone can typically play penny games
  • The low price makes them popular, so you might still find some good prizes in there in relation to the ticket price you pay to participate

Can you win real money and are there big prize pots?

Yes, you can absolutely grab some real prizes if you manage to complete a line or a full house; however, most pots are smaller. When players contribute more for the cost of each ticket, there is more cash to go in the pot. That’s not the case with penny bingo.

That said, we’ve seen at least one penny game where there are the regular prizes plus a progressive jackpot. You never can tell what you might find when you start looking for these games.

Top tip: Watch out for bigger pots popping up occasionally

Bingo sites do use larger penny bingo prize pots from time to time to attract attention and get more people playing.

Can you play these games around the clock?

Yes and no… either could be true. Here are some points to think about if you are looking for some 1p bingo opportunities:

  • You may find rooms are not open 24/7 but during set hours instead, such as 7pm til midnight
  • Some games are available around the clock, in which case a new game is always counting down to begin
  • Penny bingo can be spotted in several forms such as 90-ball, 80-ball, or 75-ball bingo, giving you more potential to find different variations

Penny games at Cheers

Fair & Square

You can purchase tickets in advance for this game to be ready for the next event. Prizes are available for one line, two lines, and the envied full house.

Lucky Stars

Tickets range from a penny to 5p a time, with between one and 120 tickets available for each game. You’re never far from the next game starting, and there’s even a progressive jackpot to be won.

What about Ts and Cs to be aware of?

Every game has conditions you should abide by. Read these before playing, as they explain how the game works and what you might need to do to get a prize. Most games are straightforward, but it pays to be prepared.

Check out the 1p bingo games available today

Penny bingo is a great way to introduce yourself to some online bingo. Enjoyable to play and affordable for most, it is no wonder lots of players are getting stuck in.