8 Easy Ideas to Connect as a Family




In today’s fast-paced world it’s easy to feel disconnected to the wider family circle and even those in your own home. We are so consumed by obligations, responsibilities, work, kids, school, and chores. And when we have a free hour, we collapse into an exhausted heap in front of the TV while the kids are glued to their phones or computers.

It's a no brainer that time spent having fun, and reconnecting with family actually boosts our happiness and general sense of well-being. However, the reality is that the average family spends less than an hour quality time together EACH DAY OR WEEK?. How sad is that?

It’s time to make a change and reconnect with what matters most: family. We’ve compiled a list of fun ideas that will bring everyone under the same roof together, and help you make some wonderful new memories.

Bingo Night




Bingo can be a game for the whole family. You can easily organise something for the whole clan at the local pub or in the comfort of your own home if you have the space. A great idea for the bingo prizes is to have everyone bring a small gift, and winners get to choose.

If you'd prefer a plan-free evening, you can also choose between a variety of interesting venues for a great bingo night. For example, some bingo places feature normal bingo games but with music rather than numbers. This will be a hit with old and young alike with tunes from every era.

Alternatively, you can try playing bingo online. You can gather around the family desktop computer and play together as a team. Or, log in from multiple mobile devices and join the same chat room. This way you can connect and play even when someone is not physically present or too far from home. Keeping in touch is so much easier thanks to the internet.

A Simple Day Out




A family day out doesn’t have to break the bank. You can head to the local park, beach or forest and just have a family fun day filled with games, walks, and talks.

If the weather is in your favour, why not take a picnic or set up a barbecue? Getting away from the box or computer games and getting active will benefit everyone in more ways than one. In fact, parents who live an active lifestyle promote healthy living in their children!

Photo Memories




This is one we do in our family and it’s a great way to bring the extended family for something other than a wedding or a funeral!

Gather up some old photos, a projector and have yourself a little trip down memory lane. It’s great for the older relatives to reminisce and tell their favourite stories, and the kids can laugh at the fashion faux pas and marvel at your mullets.

Games Night



Turn off the TV and crack out the board games and cards. Just be careful of the super competitive amongst you or it could turn ugly!

One of our family faves is Scattergories, a race against the clock to name object of a particular category starting with a certain letter. It’s more fun than it sounds, trust me! A pack of cards is such a versatile item for all ages. Whether you're playing Go Fish with the wee ones, or organising a family-friendly Rummy or Cribbage night, the options are endless and a great way to catch up with everyone.

The Weekend Getaway




This can easily be done on the cheap. You don’t need to pay for a fancy campsite if you are brave enough to give wild camping a go. There are many suitable spots all over the UK where you and the family can escape from the rat race and spend some quality time reconnecting with each other and with nature.

Maybe you prefer a few more amenities. You can always opt for “glamping” (that’s glamorous camping by the way) and hire a yurt or teepee.

If you want to gather the extended family together, hiring a cottage might be more finically viable. Everyone chips in and you can have a little family holiday on a budget.

Potluck Party




This is another one our family does, and we find that it's a perfect way to reconnect with those family members you don’t see so often. Extend the table, send out the invites, and request that everyone brings a dish and a bottle.

The family that eats together, stays together. It’s a great idea to have some party games up your sleeve for when the food is all gone. Plus, this'll give you some memories to laugh about the next time you all get together.

Movie Night




Sometimes, we really do need a night to just switch off and chill in front of the TV. You can still make this a family-centred activity by organising a movie night. Take a democratic vote on the film – hopefully avoiding any arguments or hurt feelings!

Order in some pizza, or bung something easy in the oven and get everyone cuddled up and comfy on the couch. Instant family time! 

Fun in the Kitchen




Who usually makes the dinner at home? You? A partner? Well, why not everyone? Get everyone involved beyond setting the table or washing the dishes – no one likes those tasks!

Working together as a team in the kitchen and then eating as a family is a great way to ensure quality time together.

It’s The Little Things That Count




There are so many little things that we can do to reconnect with loved ones. Even just taking time out of your busy schedule to send someone a text to let them know you are thinking about them can mean a lot.

If you have little kids, read books before bed time. With teenagers, sit and talk with them over an ice cream or a one-on-one dinner. Truly listening can make all the difference to your relationships now and further down the line.

Of course, when you hit the jackpot on your favourite online bingo site, you can treat the whole family to an amazing holiday in the Bahamas!

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