The Best UK Clubs for a Crazy Bingo Night

If your idea of bingo night is an image of a bunch of lonely old dears scowling at their bingo cards, then you are sorely mistaken! Gone are the days of the blue-rinse brigade wobbling their bingo wings.

Bingo has come a long way in recent years. This beloved game was given a new lease of life with the birth of the bingo websites like Cheers Bingo, and the recent mobile revolution. But what about the traditional bingo nights in bingo halls? Well, despite what some mainstream media outlets will tell you, they are very much alive and kicking!

But you just might not recognise them. They've been given one hell of a makeover, and by god, are they fabulous! They are wild, in-your-face amazing, and unapologetically outrageous! So let’s take a look at the craziest bingo nights in the UK…

Rebel Bingo

So you're getting the gang together for a night out, but as usual, not everybody wants to do the same thing. Someone wants to go clubbing, while others want to go play games. Before you all get your knickers in a twist, there is a way to keep everyone happy. How? Well… Rebel Bingo!

Rebel Bingo is like nothing you have ever seen before. It’s as if an 18-30s holiday in an Ibizan nightclub and Bingo had one too many drinks, fell into bed together and the result was Rebel Bingo. It is just that mad.

You have all the familiar bingo bits, like the balls, the caller, the bingo cards and your markers at the ready, but everything has been given a hedonistic twist, cranking up the energy to ? bursting point.

Rebel Bingo Has It All

There are sirens, lasers, screaming, DJs, spectacular lights, Jägerbombs galore, weird and wonderful prizes, and rather saucy number calling, to make this one of the most exciting and titillating bingo nights around.

This is definitely a bingo club you should not take your gran to. Unless she’s into that sort of thing. Hey, who are we to judge?

It will come as no surprise that this unconventional bingo had odd beginnings, but it may surprise you that it all began in the unlikely setting of a church hall in Farringdon. Freddie Sorensen and James Gordon were tidying up after putting on a variety show when they stumbled across the church’s old bingo set.

Cue the light bulb moment! As they wondered how they could incorporate it into their show they started to put together a plan that would become one of the most popular alternative bingo nights in London, according to the Evening Standard.

Rebel Bingo has taken the humble bingo night and made it into a bingo spectacular. They hold events around the UK, and even internationally. You can check out the next dates and venues via their website.

Drag Queen Bingo

No matter where you are in the UK, there is no shortage of fabulous camped-up bingo nights hosted by feather boa-ed, big-haired, sequin-clad drag queens. Combining comedy, cabaret and tonnes of sass, you are guaranteed a cracking good night of entertainment as you play your favourite game.

Many of the performers are available for hire, so you can even create your own special bingo event. But there are plenty of regular organised drag queen bingo nights for you to enjoy – just keep your eyes peeled.

If you happen to be in Scotland, for example, you can check out Lady Balls Bingo, at the Hillhead Bookclub in the hip and happening West End of Glasgow. There, you'll be greeted by the lovely ladies Bee Fiarse and Acid Taint, who will drop the balls for you with the chance of bagging a nice little sum of £500, all while entertaining you with their special glitz and glamour, naughtiness and killer wit.

Rock and Roll Bingo

Rock and Roll Bingo is a kind of do-it-yourself bingo night – much like a hybrid of bingo and a music round in a pub quiz. Except you can’t cheat using Google!

So, what exactly is Rock and Roll Bingo? Well, it’s just like regular bingo but with a focus on music rather than your run-of-the-mill numbers. Instead of a bingo card with a bunch of digits to dab off, you have a song title or an artist, and instead of the caller shouting out numbers, you listen to snippets of songs and mark off as you go.

 This is fairly easy to recreate on your own as a party game, but for a larger event, you can get all the materials you need from the Rock and Roll Bingo website.

By purchasing a pack from them, you instantly have all the materials you need to host an amazing bingo night – perhaps as a birthday party or charity fundraiser. Packs includes advertising posters, tickets, CDs, song cards and more.

Bogan Bingo

If you are a lover of the '80s and '90s (who isn’t?), then Bogan Bingo is right up your street! Bogan Bingo is a retro comedy bingo show hosted by two mullet- and stone-washed denim- donning dudes.

At Bogan Bingo, you'll be entertained with inappropriate humour, lip-syncing and air-guitar contests, and, of course, a good game of bingo while you rock out to the musical delights of the era. Prizes range from the completely insane and random (a photo of a smoking baby, anyone?) to the utterly amazing, such as a holiday to Egypt.

You can catch a live bingo show in London, Brighton, Bath or Manchester. Just check out their website for more info and upcoming gigs. With a real retro party atmosphere, get your double denim on, backcomb your hair and head to Bogan Bingo for one hell of a party!

Bongo’s Bingo

It’s eyes down and hands in the air for this bingo/rave night hosted by Johnny Bongo and his partners in crime, Sweaty Betty and Peggy. Since it kicked off in Liverpool in 2015, Bongo’s Bingo has gone on to have sell-out gigs in Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Leeds.

With eight full rounds of bingo, you have the chance to win prizes such as a sailing boat, a Porsche, mobility scooters or, wait for it, a box of Coco Pops!

All this with rave intervals, dance-offs and piñatas, Bongo’s Bingo has a festival feel to it. You might also meet the odd surprise celebrity guest, such as S Club 7, Ms Dynamite and our favourite, The Hoff himself. How’s that for a quiet game of bingo?

Musical Bingo

This one is kind of like the Rock and Roll Bingo, with the bingo numbers replaced with songs, but Musical Bingo is even bigger, louder and with more stage pizazz than you can shake a stick at!

The fun-loving comperes entertain you as the DJs spin the decks with a quick-fire medley of tunes while you mark them off your bingo cards accordingly. There are whacky prizes, ranging from a free bar tab, or a bottle of wine, to an inflatable dolphin, plus stage challenges to keep those party vibes going.

Musical Bingo is very much the interactive club night, so if you prefer to sit quietly and mark off your card, then this one is definitely not for you. You’ll be up and out of your seat, and more likely to be dancing on the table with this one.

Boozy Bingo

Boozy Bingo is exactly what you think it is… bingo with booze! Held in one of London’s popular micro-chain cafés, The Breakfast Club’s bingo night “Have You Got the Balls?” is drawing in the crowds.

For just £5 a ticket, you get three games of bingo, plus free shots, and happy hour prices on booze all night from 6pm.

Because it takes place in a much smaller and more intimate venue, there are usually only about 25 people playing. That means your chances of winning are much greater than at one of the mad party bingo nights. So if winning at bingo is your thing, then this is the one for you!

Considered to be “the most fun you can have in London for a fiver”, you’d be crazy not to give Boozy Bingo a go.

Boogaloo Stu Bingo

If you can’t wait 'til evening to get your bingo fix or your booze head on, then why not start at brunch? Head on over to the Four Thieves Pub in Battersea for a bottomless brunch accompanied by a lovely game of bingo while you get tipsy on mimosas and the house bloody Marys!

Every Saturday morning, Boogaloo Stu delights you with his naughty bingo balls and an array of party games and prizes. We think it’s a great way to start your Saturday!

Bingo Party at Home? Try a Bingo Site

You know now that there's so much more to bingo than just sitting in a dusty church hall, dabbing at numbers. Bingo is far from dead – it's full of energy, it's loud, it's sensational, and sexy to boot!

So if you're looking for a fab bingo night and a great experience, whether you prefer a quiet café affair, a sassy glamourpuss, or a nightclub rave, there are bingo nights (and mornings!) to suit everyone’s tastes. 

However, if you just can't wait for the weekend to get your bingo fix, then there is always online bingo to keep you thoroughly entertained! Enjoy great prices, connect with friends via live chat, and have tonnes of fun from the comfort of your own home.

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