Low Wagering Requirements in Online Bingo

Bingo sites have a lot of different rules and stipulations to them when you sign up; these ensure that everything that happens between you and the site is legitimate.

By far the biggest and most important rule a bingo site uses to make sure players behave themselves is the wagering requirements.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

For those not familiar with them, wagering requirements or ‘bingo bonus wagering rules’, are a system that requires you to wager your winnings a set amount of times on a site before you can withdraw it.

Sites use this system to prevent fraud and money laundering whilst still remaining fair and protecting legitimate players.

A good way to think of them is like they’re roughly opposite of deposit requirements. Instead of depositing a certain amount to get a bonus, you’re spending a specific amount of cash to get money back out that you earned from using your bonus on games on our site.

How Low Can We Go?

Now you may be looking at that and wondering exactly how low our wagering requirements are.

Well, don’t worry because we keep things incredibly cheap for our players that want to get their hands on a reward without spending tons of cash.

We provide possibly the lowest wagering requirement on our bonuses as we ask that you wager just £30 in real cash before you can make any withdrawals. This is a lot lower than what a lot of other bingo sites will ask for.

Examples of Wagering Requirements

If you’re curious as to how this play through requirement on our site would affect your bank balance then don’t worry, here’s a few examples to break it down even further.

Say you made a deposit into your account of £10; you would need to wager this at least three times to make any withdrawals. Or if you were to deposit £30 you would only have to bet this full amount once to make a withdrawal since the minimum wagering requirement is £30.

This may seem like a lot, but it’s actually an incredibly good deal when you consider that a lot of bingo sites have higher wagering requirement’s that can have you spending up to and above £900.

For example, say a website offered you £30 in bonus cash but withdraws came with a 50x wagering requirement. What that would mean is you would need to bet that £30 at least 50 times before you could take it out, so you would be spending up to £1,500.

Using our wagering requirements, we ensure that you’re always treated fairly on our site and that you can get your hands on your bonus funds without spending a ton of cash.

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