Lucky Bingo Charms

If you’ve ever looked into how to win at bingo, you’ll have come across a list of bingo tactics with hints and tips on how to increase your chances, ranging from the best times to play online to how many cards you should play. But there is one thing most of these experts will have left off their list: the power of the lucky charm!

Many will think that they are silly, pointless and just superstition, but almost 50% of bingo players have some sort of lucky charm or ritual that they believe will bring fortune their way.

In this game of chance we think you can never be too lucky! So let’s check out some of these bingo charms.

Lucky Seats


- Jessa-Minnie / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND

Head along to the local bingo hall and you’re sure to come across someone who HAS to have a particular seat- just hope that you’re not in it as you will definitely be asked to move! Perhaps it’s where they’ve always sat, or where they have experienced a win (or someone else has)!

Whatever the reason, it works for them. Much of this has to do with familiarity. If we feel comfortable in a certain place, we can relax and concentrate on the game making us feel better. Positive energy attracts positive results, right?

In the case of online bingo sites you can easily play from the comfort of your home, sitting on your lucky seat.

Lucky Coins

How many times have you been walking along the street, going about your day and suddenly you spot a penny on the ground? It might just be 1p but it could bring you your fortune…“Find a penny, pick it up. All day long you’ll have good luck!”.

There are so many superstitions surrounding coins, so it comes as no surprise that bingo players will use a lucky coin as part of their game plan. Many bingo lovers place lucky coins on the top of their bingo cards hoping that they will win the jackpot.

Lucky Numbers 

What makes a number lucky? Well, like lucky seats, it depends on the person. It might be their date of birth, their anniversary or any number with personal significance. Then there are those numbers that have long been associated with luck and prosperity, such as the number 7 or 13…unlucky for some, but for others it brings good fortune.

Whatever the chosen number for whatever the reason, numbers form a huge part in your luck strategy. You may even decide to base your entire bingo strategy around specific numbers.

If your lucky number is 60, and you see this number on your bingo card, then your luck might be in for that big bingo jackpot! Others bring their lucky number with them, and might write the number on a piece of paper and keep it with them at all times, including the bingo hall!

You also have a wide range of trinkets such as pin-badges, magnets, pendants on necklaces or bracelets with a lucky number or a lucky symbol such as the shamrock, horseshoe or the rabbit’s foot.

The Luck of the Irish

One of the most popular and well-known good luck charms is the four-leaf clover, or shamrock. The national plant of Ireland has been adopted the world over as the charm of choice for luck and good fortune.

The regular leaf has three sections which are said to represent faith, hope and love. It's rare to find a leaf with 4 parts, hence it's considered lucky. The fourth leaf is said to represent fortune so it is a favourite of bingo players.

The Lucky Horseshoe

There are many theories as to why the horseshoe is considered lucky, but whatever the origins of the belief, it has become synonymous with good luck. Many bingo players have this little symbol dangling from a charm bracelet as they mark off their numbers.

Traditionally, the horseshoe is placed next to or above the door to bring good fortune to those inside which isn’t so useful when it comes to the bingo hall…as it would mean luck to all and really, you want to increase your own chances, not your competitors!

So the horseshoe works best for those playing online bingo. Place one above your front door or even on the wall above your computer and see if your luck changes!

The Rabbit's Foot

This one isn’t quite as popular these days, as carrying about a body part of a deceased animal is usually frowned upon.

But if you happen to be at a carboot sale or flea market and come across a rabbit’s foot key chain, then it might be worth picking that bad boy up. It's said that you rub the rabbit's foot to bring you luck, so give it a go and see if it brings you some real bingo cash!


Many people will say they have a lucky hat or even a lucky pair of pants! But can an item of clothing increase your probability of winning bingo? Some people take their fashion very seriously when it comes to the concept of luck.

It could be a favourite colour or an item of clothing with some sentimental value. There are also those hardcore bingo lovers that have an entire outfit that they will wear religiously as they play their favourite game, all in the hope of attracting Lady Luck.

Chance Your Luck

It’s hard to say whether there is any substance to these superstitions, but a little luck can go a long way. You have nothing to lose, but you have a bingo jackpot to win!

So next time you head out for a night of bingo or decide to play some online bingo here at Cheers Bingo, why not give a lucky charm a chance?

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