Spin the Wheel Bingo - Get a Best Bingo Bonus

If you are anything like us at Cheers Bingo then you will love a go at the Spin the Wheel game. It's become a real crowd pleaser on all new bingo websites, but let's take a look at the why's and the how's of one of the UK's favourite online games.

The Love of Spinning the Wheel

The wheel of fortune has actually been around for hundreds of years, making it one of the most popular games in history. There’s just something so mysterious and exciting about putting your fate to the spin of a wheel and letting your luck fall where it may!

Even our beloved bingo has got in on the act, with many of the top bingo sites adding a Spin the Wheel game to their repertoire, another fun way to win some bonuses.

Here, at Cheers Bingo, you get up to 500 free spins on top games!


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Plenty of Fun and Great Spin the Wheel Bonuses

What makes this game so exciting is that its results are completely random: You have no control and are at the mercy of the wheel. You watch it spin, perhaps holding your breath, wondering where will it stop.

The wheel begins to slow, but your heart rate races. Click… click…click....As the hand passes over the various cash prices, the anticipation is almost too much! Oh, we just love the drama!

But the Spin the Wheel bonus is also one of the best bingo bonuses and is miles better than any other reward you can pick up on a bingo site.

For example, with a deposit bonus you have to put in a specific amount to in order to claim the bonus, which is often not available as real cash to withdraw but in fact is like virtual cash to be used on the bingo website in order to buy more plays and games.

Which is also great, but we think it’s even better to win money you can count…in your hand and then spend on whatever your heart desires!

Why Play the Cheers Bingo Wheel?

Well, as we just mentioned, what makes our wheel better than any other is that we offer a much larger guaranteed cash prize than any other spin the wheel bingo site.

Here at Cheers Bingo you can bag yourself a nice little reward - up to 500 free spins on some of the best slots around, or even Amazon vouchers. We think that makes our bingo wheel worth a spin!

Another great feature of our bingo wheel is that thanks to our responsive and easy-to-use mobile site, you can enjoy the game from your smartphone or tablet, meaning that you can spin and win while you are on the go!

Cheers Bingo not only gives you more, but we give you more ways to play and that means more ways to win! So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself a drink and we’ll talk you through it…

How to Get Started

Ok, so are you ready to spin the wheel for cash? Great! How do you do that? It's super simple.

In order to receive a free spin of the Cheers Bingo wheel, all you have to do is sign up. It really is that easy!

Just head on over to the registration page to create an account. You’ll be asked to fill in your details on the short online form and make a small deposit in order to register. It will only take you about 5 minutes to complete the whole process, including paying the deposit.

Making Your Deposit

At Cheers Bingo we believe that having fun should be made easy - so signing up and making your deposit with us is super simple and safe. We accept all major credit cards, including Switch and Solo cards. You can also use alternative payment methods such as PayPal or PaySafeCard. The more options for you, the better!

You can open your account with a low deposit of just £5, but in order to claim the amazing spin of the wheel, then you must deposit £10. But with such amazing bonuses, we think it is totally worth that extra five quid. Parting with a little bit extra means that you can pocket so much more, especially from a guaranteed prize on the wheel!

Once you’re all signed up and your £10 paid, all you have to do is press ‘SPIN’ and watch your fortune unfold!

We think you will agree that the wheel feature is a fantastic addition to bingo sites – we love it, and we love it when our players win! With a plethora of cash prizes to pick up, it really is a welcome bonus worth signing up for!

So come on, sign up today and spin the wheel!



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