Bingo Glossary

New to the world of online bingo?  Don't worry our Online Bingo Glossary will give you a helping hand so you are a pro in no time.  We thought we would give you the scoop on some of the terms you may come across so you don't feel out of place and we have also made up a Bingo Numbers Glossary in case you hear some rather odd phrases you haven't come across before.

75 ball bingo

This is generally considered to be the American style of bingo.  There is a bingo card with 75 squares and your job is to either cover all of these or a specific pattern.  The first player to do so can call bingo!

90 ball bingo

This is a variation that you would normally find on a Bingo Glossary UK site, as it's the most popular type that you would find in Britain.  There is a 1 line prize, a 2 line prize and a full house prize and the player to scoop a win, will be the one to cover those first.


Admission – this is the amount of tickets you need to purchase to be eligible to take part.

Bingo Board – this displays each number when called

Bingo Card – the cards you purchase that will either have 24 or 15 numbers on them

Dauber – this is used to mark off numbers which are called

Jackpot – generally a larger or guaranteed prize that can be won

Progressive Jackpot – a jackpot that will keep rising until won under a certain ball count

RNG – Random Number Generator that is the computer system used to call numbers

Multiple Winners – if there is more than one winner, the prize will be split equally

Four Corners – a specific pattern that needs to be covered on four corners of your card

Pattern – the shape of numbers you need to collect in 75 ball bingo games

Coverall – a 75 ball game where the object is to cover all numbers

Chat Room – have a natter with the chat moderators and your roomies in the chat room

Session – A timetable of games that are regularly or specifically organised

Free Space – the space in the centre of a 75 bingo card which doesn't have a number displayed

Early Bird – games played before a particular session of bingo

After Games – games played after a particular session of bingo

Winner Takes All – Usually a coverall or 75 ball bingo game with one winner

Bingo Promotions – bingo treats one can enjoy when joining a bingo site, or on certain days or hours.

Bingo Calls

We thought we would give you a bingo numbers glossary in case you come across some calls you haven't heard before!  Here are some of our favourites:

Two Fat Ladies – 88

Two Little Ducks – 22

Legs Eleven – 11

Kelly's Eye – 1

Unlucky For Some – 13

Clickety Click – 66

Tweak of the Thumb – 51

Heinz Varieties – 57

Winnie the Pooh – 42

Down on your Knees – 43

That's just a few but we are sure you get our drift!  If you have the audio when enjoying our online bingo games, you will definitely be likely to hear a few of those calls by the caller.

With the bingo glossary and numbers glossary, you must feel like a bit of a bingo boffin now, right? Hopefully that should have you well on your way to enjoying bingo like you have been playing for years. Enjoy and good luck.